Elevate your events, boost your sales,
and simplify your payments with Pebble.

An innovation that will revolutionize your event experience and connect you to more customers.

Streamline vendor payments

Pebble simplifies money collection and tracking payments for event organizers by capturing data in real-time and storing it in one place.

Real-time analytics

Pebble delivers real-time analytics including sales volume and growth, supporting event organizers in making data-driven decisions.

Seamless payments for shoppers

Pebble has revolutionized purchasing by providing customers with scannable QR codes, virtual wallet payments.

Get paid from each transaction

Event hosts can earn a percentage of each transaction at their events and directly benefit from the buying power of their attendees and event attractions.

Immerse yourself in the
social economy with Pebble

We believe the best way to increase sales is at the edges of the social economy.